Industrial Uptake of YAWL


YAWL is the basis of a personnel management system used in headquarters of European military missions. Rheni has developed this system called J1 FAS for the European Defence Agency. This project is an excellent example of successful know-how transfer between academia and industry.

The U.S. health care technology company Cavulus currently uses YAWL to help deliver member management solutions to health insurers. YAWL is used to handle all back-end business logic and branching for their latest application in the health care insurance space.

first:telecom and first:utility in the UK, both companies part of the Impello plc group of companies, providing energy and telecoms services respectively, collaborated with QUT for several years on the YAWL project. These companies have built software around the YAWL system providing a novel approach to page navigation for web based systems together with the more traditional use of choreographing long-lived business processes.

GECKO, a Germany-based software development and IT services company, aims to make use of the new YAWL 2.0 release for supporting resource-centric workflows in the context of an R&D project. The project addresses the application domain of clinical surgical suites and aims to provide support for peri-operative clinical processes based on the YAWL system as well as by building extensions to support e.g. cooperating workflows and non-human resource management.

The Knexus Research Corporation collaborates with the YAWL foundation to provide YAWL-related services to the US Naval Research Laboratory.

MMT Seguros, a car insurance company based in Spain, is using YAWL to implement claims management and internal quality assurance processes.


The FERP Workflow System uses YAWL as part of its software.

InsuraPro Workflow claims to use YAWL as its "mathematical footing".

The workflow management module of Axxerion "includes concepts from YAWL".

A Petri net design tool called Woped, developed at the Berufsakamedie Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany, claims to have an interface to YAWL.