yawl.pngI have been working with the YAWL (Yet Another Workflow Language) system environment since 2005, and I'm currently its 'lead architect' - directly responsible for the ongoing development and maintenance of the YAWL system. I've designed, developed and implemented two core YAWL services: the Worklet Service, which adds the dimensions of flexibility, dynamic change and automated exception handling to YAWL processes; and the Resource Service, which provides for resource allocation and task routing, integrating a built-in worklist handler and administration tools (also see Publications). YAWL is a fully open-sourced system, which can be downloaded via the project's GitHub page.


My extended research areas include:


      Business process flexibility

      Business process extensibility

      Business process exception handling

      Business process modelling

      Business process analysis

      Process monitoring

      Service Oriented Architectures

      Activity Theory

      Web services