Teaching Perspective

Teaching Interests

  • Business process modelling
  • Business process automation
  • Information modelling and database design
  • Internet technologies (XML, Web services, and Internet protocols)
  • Formal methods and verification techniques

Teaching Experiences

  • Semester 2, 2009-2010: INB/INN210 Databases
  • Semester 2, 2008,2010: INN610 (ITN253 in 2008) Case Studies in Enterprise Systems
  • Semester 1, 2008: ITB/ITN229 Database Design
  • Semester 1, 2002-2004: EEET4031 System Design Techniques at University of South Australia (UniSA)
  • Semester 2, 2002-2004: EEET4023 Advanced Internet Technology at UniSA
  • Semester 2, 2000: EEET1015 Signals and Systems at UniSA
  • Instructor of a 5-Day short course on Petri nets to a researcher from the University of New South Wales (September 2004)

Higher Research Degree Supervision

PhD students

  • Suriadi Suriadi: "Privacy-Enhancing Identity Management Systems". Associate Supervisor. 2008 - Present.
  • Kenneth Wang: "Interface Adaptation for Conversational Services". Associate Supervisor. Completed.

Masters by research students

  • Tina Chen: "Support for Process Monitoring in Open Source Workflow Management Systems". Principal Supervisor. From July 2010.
  • Bo Zhou: "BPM/Workflow Support for Schedule-Driven Business Processes". Principal Supervisor. From July 2010.
  • Srimanth Lingamaneni: "Modelling and Execution of Asset Management Processes via Workflow Automation". Associate Supervisor. Completed.

Under/Post-graduate Project Supervision

  • INN693 project on "Communicating Process Errors to Analysts in a State-of-the-Art Workflow Design Environment", Semester 1, 2009.
  • ITN246 project on "Evaluation of Business Process Modeling Tools", Summer Semester, 2008.
  • ITB230 project on "Extension of YAWL4Film Functions based on Analysis of Film Production Software", Semester 2, 2007.
  • ITN796 project on "From Business Process Models to Web Services", Semester 2, 2007.

Thesis Examinations

  • PhD thesis titled “Protocol Engineering for Protection Against Denial-Of-Service Attacks” by Suratose Tritilanunt, Information Security Institute, QUT, February 2008.
  • Honours thesis titled "Advanced Resource Management in Workflow Systems" by Ignatius Ong, Faculty of Information Technology, QUT, November 2006.