My current research interests focus on the areas of business process automation, process mining, and data quality.

Process-data Quality

DP150103356 ARC Discovery Grant 

Arthur ter Hofstede
Moe Wynn
Michael Adams
Robert Andrews
Michael Adams

This research is concerned with methods, techniques and tools for preventing, mitigating, detecting, and repairing data quality problems in process mining. An open source artefact, the PraeclarusPDQ framework, is under development to make available all software solutions that we develop. Publications and further information can be found on the process data quality web site.

We collaborate with the group of Professor Agnes Koschmieder from the University of Kiel and with WavesPi based in the Netherlands.

Workflow Patterns and Beyond

The research on workflow patterns has been applied in evaluating web service composition standards such as BPML and BPWEL4WS. This work has also been used in an analysis of UML activity diagrams (both versions 1.4 and 2.0), BML, a language used for Enterprise Application Integration, and BPMN, a proposed notation for business process modelling. In the context of the BABEL project, the patterns have been extended for the data and the resource perspectives. In addition, research has been conducted into exception handling patterns and into coupling patterns. More recently, a patterns-based evaluation of three scientific workflow management systems has been conducted and a collection of patterns for managing complexity in process models has been proposed.

The YAWL Initiative

The workflow patterns have given rise to YAWL: Yet Another Workflow Language, a powerful workflow language with a formal syntax and a formal semantics. The support environment for YAWL is an open source project, supported by industry partners, and a number of releases have been made available for download.


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